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Aistear week 23/11/15

This week we are continuing with our ‘Family’ theme. In the Home Corner the children are acting out a christening. They are building different modes of transport in the Construction Corner and taking family journeys in them. At the Art Table, the children are making some of Roald Dahl’s villains for the Art and Wine evening on Wednesday, 9th December and in Small World they are building Lego churches.

SAM_9817 SAM_9818 SAM_9819 SAM_9820

Aistear week 16/11/15

This week the Junior Infants are getting married in the Home Corner. They really enjoyed taking on the different roles at the wedding. They are bring the story ‘Peace at Last’ to life in the Construction Corner. At the Sensory Tables they are creating wedding items from Playdoh and Mobilo. In Small World they drew plans of their houses and built them from Lego, thinking about what their family homes look like and counting the number of windows and doors.

SAM_9814 SAM_9807 SAM_9809 SAM_9812 SAM_9804 SAM_9815

Aistear week 9/11/15

This week the children are preparing for a birthday party in the Home Corner by making cards and invitations and decorating the house. They then baked the cake and celebrated the birthday. Each child is learning what month his or her birthday falls in. They are designing their dream birthday cakes and creating them out of sand at the sandpit. At the Art Table, the children are making pictures of what they think they will look like when they are 100! In the Construction Corner they are drawing birds-eye plans of their bedrooms and then instructing their group on how to build them,

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Aistear in Senior Infants – October 2015

During the month of October Senior Infants have been learning all about ‘The Farm’ in Aistear. We started by learning about the different types of farms there are, before identifying the different animals that live on a farm, the types of homes  they occupy and matching different produce to the correct animals.  We sequenced ‘The Story of Milk’, finding out where our milk starts out and it’s journey before it reaches us in the shops. We also explored the different machinery used on farms, especially at Harvest time, which we were celebrating in school. After discussing farming in the past  we even churned our own butter from cream in class and enjoyed it on crackers!

Below are some pictures of Senior Infants working away in the various Aistear Stations. During the month, the children got the opportunity to take on various roles at ‘The Mart’, ‘The Vet’s Clinic’ and ‘The Farm Shop’. They also made farm buildings and the farmer’s house out of large construction blocks and various farm machinery from Mobilo. At the Art Table, we made a scarecrow from fabric and fibre, sequenced and recreated the ‘Life-cycle of the Hen’, made an autumnal picture by painting and printing real leaves onto paper and formed a clay hedgehog. Finally we learned about seasonal changes and the effect these have on our local wildlife. We sequenced the hibernation cycle of a hedgehog and made bird feeders out of pine cones, peanut butter and bird seeds in order to help the birds find food.

We are now moving onto our next topic ‘My Locality’ for the month of November.

Ms. Johnson

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IMG_5147 IMG_5157  IMG_5013

Butter Churning in Senior Infants

As part of our Aistear topic ‘The Farm’ last month, Senior Infants learned about farming in the past when machinery was not available. The children watched a video about how butter is made in big factories now and then they looked at pictures of people churning butter in the past. We were also given a lovely antique glass butter churner which the children were able to examine. The children were very excited when they were told they would be making their own butter in class and set about the task with the utmost enthusiasm! We poured double cream into small container and secured them tightly. Each table had their own container and each child had to shake the cream for 2 minutes each (we used a big timer on the board to help with this). Once we had shaken the cream for roughly 15 minutes we opened the lids to find that the butter had separated from the buttermilk, which we drained off. The children then enjoyed their hard work by having a lovely snack of butter on crackers!

An old butter churner:


The beginning of the process (shaking the cream):


The results when we opened the pots (the butter and buttermilk separated):


And finally, enjoying the end product:



Ms. Johnson

Aistear week 2/11/15

This month’s Aistear theme is ‘Families’. This week the children are learning about bathing and caring for babies at the water table. They are making Lego constructions out of the colour families. The children are listening to the story ‘A Quiet Night In’ about the ‘Large Family’ and then building the set and acting it out. They are playing ‘families’ in the Home Corner, taking turns at being the different family members.


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