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Waste / Energy

Waste / Energy Course
On Tuesday 19th January 2nd and 4th Class welcomed the Rediscovery Centre into their classrooms. The Rediscovery centre aims to divert waste from landfill, provide community employment and training and inspire sustainable living. Sarah and Paige presented two very interesting workshops.
Fourth Class enjoyed a very interactive and informative ‘Waste Workshop’. We were reminded of the 3R’s- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We also learned of how long various waste can take to decompose. We saw some items made from recycled materials including fleece jackets, reusable shopping bags and lunch boxes. The session also included some fun games and concluded with some art when we made some lovely textile collages out of old fabric. A lively, informative and creative workshop was enjoyed by all!
The workshop with Second Class focused on energy types, sources of energy, non-renewable energy and renewable energy. Through energy games the children also learned about the threat to our energy supplies and the importance of being energy aware. The children took part in an energy saver / energy user quiz and made solar ovens from recyclable materials. We will melt chocolate in these. The workshop was both fun and educational for the children.

Aistear week 8/2/16



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This is the final week of ‘My Locality’. The children are in role as fire officers at the Fire Station in the Home Corner. They are building a fire station in the Construction corner and busy putting out fires in the local town. The children are making buildings from the locality out of Junk Art and they are playing with the cars and car mats in Small World.

Aistear week 1/2/16

This week the children are working as estate agents in the Home Corner.  They are learning about different types of homes. The children are building houses in the Construction Corner.  They are playing with the doll’s house in Small World.  The children are experimenting with magnets at the Exploration Table and they are making Valentine’s cards at the Art Table.


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