Month: April 2016

Spring Show / Golf / Flag / Seachtain na Gaeilge

Second class put on a very entertaining Spring Show. This was portrayed with enthusiasm under the guidance of their class teacher Gillian Bourne and our music teacher Naomi Clarkson. They put on a rehearsal for the school during the day followed by an evening performance for their parents. It was very uplifting.


We held a ‘Golf’ Day for 3rd to 6th Classes. We are an Active school and as such like to try new sports in the hope that their might be one for everyone. The children enjoyed it and were encouraged to join Carrickmines if interested.


Along with all other schools in the country we raised our Flag on proclamation Day. The children sang the National Anthem and read out the Proclamation in simplified terms. Prayers were said. It was very respectful.


Seachtain na Gaeilge was held and run by Aoife McMurdock a very capable Gaeilgeoir on our staff. All classes were involved and we had a very happy Ceoilchoirm (concert). This brought new energy to our Irish lessons.

Aistear week 25/4/16

This week the children are in role as people who work in the airport and people who are travelling abroad in ‘Rathmichael Airport’ in the Home Corner.  The children designed and built an aeroplane in the Construction Corner. They are creating weather charts and dressing teddy in suitable clothing for a variety of weather conditions at the Art Tables. The children also played ‘on the beach’ at the sand table.

SAM_0015 SAM_0010 SAM_0011 SAM_0013 SAM_0014 plane

Aistear week 18/4/16

‘Holidays’ is our new topic in Aistear. The children are in role as travel agents and customers in the Home Corner. They are doing ‘floating and sinking’ experiments and making boats at the art table. We planned and designed our boats using suitable waterproof materials. The children are using the Water Table as a swimming pool for Play Mobil people, and to test the handmade boats. They are building a ferry in the Construction Corner and making a campsite in Small World.

SAM_9998 SAM_9999 SAM_0001 SAM_0002 SAM_0003 SAM_0004

Aistear week 11/4/16

This week the children are continuing to learn about Space.  At the Art Table they are making spaceships and aliens from the story ‘The Way Back Home’ by Oliver Jeffers. In Small World they are using playdough to build planets, aliens, asteroids, etc. At the Sensory Table they are creating ‘Moon Rock’ from flour, salt and silver paint and then painting it onto their moons before cooking it and in the Home Corner they are once again in role as astronauts in the Space Station and rocket because they got so much enjoyment out of it last week!

SAM_9993 SAM_9994 SAM_9995 SAM_9996

Aistear Week 4/4/16

April’s Aistear theme is ‘Space’. The children are really enjoying learning about the different planets in our Solar system. In the Home Corner they are in role as astronauts working in a Space Station, exploring Space in a rocket and landing on the moon. In Small World they were playing with aliens and making spaceships for them. At the Art Table the children created rockets and aliens from junk art and in the Construction Corner they built a spaceship and played on board it. This topic has encouraged the children to be really imaginative and creative and they had some wonderful ideas today.

SAM_9971 SAM_9959SAM_9960 SAM_9968 SAM_9969 SAM_9958