Month: May 2016

Guest Speaker: Nepal

Today we had a guest speaker in with Junior and Senior Infants who told them all about school life in Nepal since the earthquake. The children saw pictures and videos of the Nepalese children at school and learned a little about their lives and customs. They looked at different objects from Nepal and looked at where Nepal is on a map of the word in relation to Ireland.

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Aistear week 23/5/16

This week the children are learning about Sydney and Australia. The children are building Sydney Opera House in Small World and Sydney Harbour Bridge in the Construction Corner. They are playing at Bondi Beach at the Sand Table and in The Great Barrier Reef at the Water Table. They are learning about Aboriginal ‘Dot Art’ at the Art Table and making ‘dot paintings’ of their own.

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Senior Infants Aistear – April

During the month of April Senior Infants were learning all about Habitats in Aistear. There was a lot to learn each week and so we were very busy!

Throughout the month, the children discussed each habitat in depth, examining its climate, identifying the animals and plants found there,  learning interesting facts about the adaptations of plants and animals for living in such habitats, observing pictures of the landscape and describing the lifestyle of people who live there. We took part in a quiz at the end of each week to see how much we had learned about each habitat. The class also went on a mini-beast hunt in the school garden and examined the life-cycle of the butterfly.

We worked at the construction  corner twice this month, worked as part of a team to build an igloo and a boat out of large wooden construction blocks. Working as a team meant senior infants could make a larger structure whilst also using the skills of communication and cooperation to plan and build. The class also designed a zoo out of Lego during the month, adding lots of small details such as separate areas for each type of animals, tree houses, zoo keepers and the zoo bus!

At the home corner Senior Infants had the opportunity to play at being Jungle Explorers, Polar Explorers, working in the Bug Investigation Lab and visiting The Aquarium. This experience afforded them the opportunity to learn more about and investigate various sea creatures, mini-beasts, jungle and polar animals. The home corner was filled with photographs of plants and animals from each habitat, new vocabulary and an investigation page had to be filled out each week at the station.

We made some wonderful Art pieces at the Art table during April too. The children  created a colourful paper collage fish inspired by our English book, The Rainbow Fish, constructed cardboard tube mini-beast and designed polar animals.

The children had great fun at the water table identifying and naming sea creatures and recreating polar scenes using polar animals and polystyrene ice caps! While at the sand table our focus was on desert habitats and animals. Lastly, we used our fine motor skills to manipulate playdough to sculpted mini-beasts and jungle animals. Here are some pictures of us busy at work.

Jennifer Johnson






Aistear week 16/5/16




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This week the children are learning about Rome and Italy. They are in role as customers, chefs and wait staff in ‘The Italian Restaurant’ in the Home Corner. They are making ‘pizzas’ from playdough at the Sensory Table. The children are painting their own versions of ‘The Mona Lisa’, inspired by Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci and in the Construction Corner they are learning about and building the Colosseum.

Aistear week 9/5/16

This month’s Aistear theme is ‘Famous Cities’. We are learning about New York this week. The children are building the Statue of Liberty at the Art Table. They are in role as chefs, wait staff and customers in ‘The Diner’ in the Home Corner. In the Construction Corner, they are building skyscrapers and the Brooklyn Bridge and they are making Central Park out of Lego in Small World.

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