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Butter Churning in Senior Infants

Senior Infants were discussing farming in the past today. They compared life on the farm in the past with life on a farm today, including machinery, milking cows and making butter. We examined some old black and white photographs of butter churning and even got to see a real butter churner from the past (an artefact kindly brought in by a parent from the school). We then made our own butter. It was very exciting! We learned that all we needed was cream to make butter. Each table got a small container with cream in it to shake in order to churn the butter. It was hard work on our arms so we each took a turn of a minute and a half and we had a timer on the board so we knew when to swap. The butter was ready when it separated from the butter milk and a solid lump formed (the butter). We gathered around one table to pour out the buttermilk and then we enjoyed our freshly churned butter on crackers. We all agreed that it tasty really great!

Ms. Johnson

Here’s some pictures of the activity:

sam_1252 sam_1153 sam_1255 sam_1257 sam_1261 sam_1267 sam_1277 sam_1279 sam_1281 sam_1283 sam_1286 sam_1287 sam_1284

Watch our assembly with our Rathmichael Rio Olympians!

October news

Friendship week took place the first week in October. Children from different classes buddied up with each other to read stories and have lessons together. The young children love to have the older ones, whom they look up to, come in and work with them. The older children like to teach. It is a great opportunity to share. Our assembly that week involved friendship as we tried to promote good characteristics within the children. A display will be on show in the concourse. 

Our Sponsored Walk took place on 9th October in Corrigolligan Woods. This was well attended with a lovely BBQ for those walkers provide by the PTA. The PTA always put on a great effort at these events and the children and their parents enjoy it. Goodies are provided at every station which encourages everyone to continue. Well done to all supporters.


We were delighted to welcome back two past pupils to our Assembly on 12th October. Alan Sothern and Kyle Good played on the Irish Hockey team in the Rio Olympics. This was a wonderful achievement for these two great players. It was lovely to see them on our TV screens in August, not only representing our country but also playing against the best players in the world. We are very proud of Alan and Kyle and what they have achieved. Kyle and Alan presented an Olympic Jersey to our school.

September/October news


The children returned to school late in August this year. The weather improved and indeed it was quite warm.


Our church and school fete took place in the school. This event meant that we had a baptism of fire for the beginning of term! How and ever despite difficult weather on the day the community rallied. It was well attended and there was a great atmosphere. It enabled our new families to really immerse themselves in the school.


We now soldier on and children are settling well into their new classes. Already we have had planting in the school. Windyridge Garden Centre send a lovely girl, Aoife Munn, to plant with us each year. They supply all the resources and give a very environmentally friendly talk on gardening to the children.


We are planning a Friendship Week which will involve a display by all classes, an assembly and classes ‘buddying up’ with each other to work together. For instance 6th and Junior Infants. They might read together or talk in Irish together or just share pictures. This collaboration must be encouraged. It helps build self esteem and encourages the children to cooperate and learn from each other at all age levels.

Aistear – Senior Infants

The Aistear theme for September in Senior Infants was ‘Ourselves/Our Bodies’.

We had great fun with this theme and spent a lot of time during the month discussing our talents, likes and dislikes, similarities and differences amongst the class and how we are all unique. The children also learned about the different parts of the body, how to keep their bodies healthy, the importance of a balance diet, how we use our sight to see different colours in the environment and identified the different teeth and their functions. In English we read ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ and ‘Izzy and Skunk’ as a stimulus to discussing our emotions and we learned all about Florence Nightingale in History to compare the job of nurses in the past with today.


During the month the children had the opportunity to take on a variety of roles as stylists, customers, doctors, nurses, paramedics, patients and dentists at the socio-dramatic corner set up as The Hairdressers, The Hospital and The Dentist. The children particularly enjoyed acting out scenarios and the process of calling and travelling in the ambulance on their first week and then attending The Hospital for treatment on the second week.


At the Art Table we made self portraits inspired by Paul Klee by sketching our faces in crayon and then painting over squares of tissue paper with water to create a colourful background. These were then hung up in our room to create our ‘Senior Infants Art Gallery’ (as seen below). The class also collaborated to make a collage of The Food Pyramid using pictures cut out of food magazines, created colour wheel hot-air balloons by learning how to mix two primary colours to make a secondary colour and designed unique paper glasses.


The class built and designed a number of model constructions, including an ambulance and the dentist’s chair from large wooden construction blocks and a hospital and some of The Seven Wonders of the World (amazing things to see) from Lego. Hairstyles and X-rays were also sculpted from play dough and patterns were combed into sand at the Sand Table.


One of the most enjoyable activities this month was exploring our Five Senses through popcorn, something you can hear, see, touch, smell and taste. We had great fun choosing words to describe popcorn using the senses and then creating our popcorn buckets for our display. Our favourite part was definitely tasting the popcorn! We also examined a feely box, matched smell pots and completed taste tests at The Five Senses Exploration Table.


Below is a selection of photos of us busy at work. Our Aistear theme for October is ‘The Farm’.

Ms. Johnson

sam_1022 sam_1029 sam_1030 sam_1036 sam_1037 popcornsam_1042 sam_1060 sam_1069 sam_1074 sam_1081 sam_1082 sam_1085 sam_1086 sam_1095 sam_1096 sam_1103 sam_1107 sam_1111 sam_1130art-gallery

Enrolment for Junior Infants 2017

Important information for parents of children applying for a place in Junior Infants 2017
Please note that Application Forms for 2017 will be available for collection from the School Office only (they will not be on the website), from Monday 7th November. These should be returned fully completed (particularly the mandatory fields) by Monday 21st November at the latest.
Thank you
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