Month: November 2016

Senior Infants – Author Don Briggs and Artist Naomi Peppard

Senior Infants were very lucky to have the opportunity to meet author Don Briggs and artist Naomi Peppard today.  Don and Naomi have created a wonderful and exciting book called ‘The Boy Who Wanted A Dragon’ and Don very kindly read the story to the class and Naomi sketched a dragon and painted it with water colours right before our eyes. It was fantastic watching an artist work! We really enjoyed the rhyming story and seeing the pictures created from scratch just as they are in the book. Thank you Don and Naomi!

Ms. Johnson


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November Aistear, Jnr. Infants

This month’s Aistear theme is ‘Our Families’. At the Art Table the children have made their family homes out of Junk Art and photo frames for pictures of their families. They also made maps of the family journey in the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. they made pictures of what they think they will look like when they’re 100!

At the Water Table they have been bathing babies and caring for them afterwards by learning how to dry them, massage them with cream, put on nappies, feed them bottles and rock them to sleep. They have been practising washing up at the water area also. In the Home Corner they played ‘families’ and took turns at playing different roles.

During ‘Birthday Week’ the children made birthday cakes out of sand at the sand table. In the Home Corner they prepared for and threw birthday parties for different members of their ‘play family’.

In Small World, they created buildings using blocks from the different ‘colour families’. They also built their own homes from Lego and played with the Doll’s House and our wooden town set.

In the Construction Corner they drew plans of their bedrooms and got their friends to build them from the plans and they also built a variety of modes of transport in which they went on family journeys in.

This month’s stories that we focused on were ‘A Quiet Night In’, ‘Peace at Last’, ‘Owl Babies’ and ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. These all tied in nicely with our theme.

Our guest speaker this month was Ryan’s mum Gillian. She brought in her baby Adam and spoke to us about caring for babies. Elliot brought in his chicken named ‘Ms. Fox’ and told the class about how he cares for his chickens and hens at home. We really appreciated both visits, they were very informative!


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Buddy PE – Senior Infants and Sixth Class

Senior Infants and Sixth Class also teamed up again this week to do Buddy PE. Senior Infants love working with Sixth Class and had a great time. Sixth Class had set up mini-football games which rotated so that different teams were playing each other every five minutes. This was the perfect activity for Senior Infants who had been learning and practising all their ball skills for the last two months and they took the opportunity to show off their dribbling, passing and shooting to the Sixth Class. From everyone in Senior Infants  “Thank you Sixth  Class”!!

Ms. Johnson

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Fireman Visits Senior and Junior Infants

On Friday, Senior Infants and Junior Infants had some visitors in to talk to them about helping in the community as the theme for Aistear in Senior Infants for November is ‘My Locality’. Firstly Ben’s uncle Ian came in to explain how he uses drones in the community to assist with crowd control at events or to assist the Fire Brigade. He also brought a fireman with him who works for Dublin Fire Brigade. It was great to see a fireman in his uniform and he explained to us how each piece of his uniform helps and protects him. He told us all about his job as a fireman and we got to ask questions. Much to our delight he also visited our very own fire station at the back of the classroom and sat in our fire engine. He said he was very impressed! We were lucky to get some great photographs and it was a brilliant experience so a big thank you to Ben’s mum for organising it all!

Ms. Johnson


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