Month: March 2019

Aistear February/March: Senior Infants

February and March’s Aistear theme is ‘Showtime’.  The children have been learning about the circus, Chinese New Year, the movie world, carnivals and fairgrounds.

In the Home Corner the  children have been in role as performers and the audience at ‘The Circus’, they were wait staff, chefs and customers in ‘The Chinese Restaurant’ and they played a variety of games at ‘The Fairground’. They also acted as staff and customers in ‘The Cinema’.

At the Art Table the children made clown faces, Chinese fans, carnival masks and junk art awards. They told the class why their mum deserved the ‘best mum’ award!

In Small World they put on puppet shows and played in the circus tent, built Lego circuses, created Chinese floats for the Chinese New Year festival and made a funfair out of Lego. The children used the tablets to video the puppet shows.

In the Construction Corner they built a Big Top, The Great Wall of China, a funfair and a stage from which they presented ‘The Oscars’!

We linked these topics with the following stories in English: ‘The Singing Mermaid’, ‘The Great Race’ and ‘Dogger’.

February Aistear: Junior Infants

During February Junior Infants focused on ‘Our Locality’. We used Google Maps to have a look at the different types of buildings in Shankill. We discussed the many different jobs and community workers that are in a town. We also talked about ways in which we can care for our environment and how we have a responsibility to look after our world.

The children looked closely at our school and the many activities and jobs that go on within it.In the Home Corner they had the opportunity to  took on the role of various jobs in ‘The School’.

At Small World the children designed and built a town from lego. They also, in groups, explored what could be moved by pushing or pulling. They used various surfaces and heights to test cars on the friction ramp thus exploring forces and gravity. The children played as builders  at the sand table.

In the Construction Corner the children built a town and buildings using large wooden blocks. A lot of them were very interested in building the new shopping centre that is under construction in Shankill. They also used boxes and wooden blocks to build a model of Rathmichael School’.

In Art we talked about what we see around us in our towns  and each of us made a street scene picture. We also drew a poster to encourage people to care for our environment.

The story we concentrated on was ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’.