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Our daily challenge videos

Monday: Rachel Moore’s Dance

Tuesday: Ireland international hockey player and Rathmichael past pupil Lee Cole

Wednesday: Coach Steve from Shankill GAA club: 2 videos!

Thursday: Virtual Sports Day!

Friday: Last challenge, from Oreo!


PE with Joe

DLRCC sports challenges.

Cosmic kids stretching

GAA Activities for kids

Katie Taylor’s boxing circuits

Safe Food Pause for Play

Go Noodle

Beyond the classroom move well often 

The PE shed for lots of fun PE activities.

Throwing, catching and kicking

Catching videoThrowing videoKicking video

Walking and running

Walking videoRunning video

Hopping, jumping and skipping

Hopping videoJumping for height video
Jumping for distance video
Skipping video

Striking with hand or implement

Striking with hand videoStriking with implement video

Landing and balancing

Landing videoBalancing video