The theme for January’s Aistear was Our Family. This is a great topc with lots of learning involved and the children really enjoyed it.

During the month the children discussed and identified the different members and various roles within a family and recognised their own place within their family. We read and discussed two lovely stories called ‘Cave Baby’ and ‘Seen and Not Heard’.  We learned all about the different stages of the human life cycle and the development that takes place at each stage. We examined the different types of homes that people can live in, the similarities and differences between homes in the past and present and labelled the features of a house.

For the first week  we were learning all about caring for babies and each child had the opportunity to take on the role of caring for and bathing a baby at the Water Table.  is being careful to hold the baby correctly and support their head. The children learned how to hold a baby correctly to support it’s head, how to wash and dry the baby, how to change a nappy, feed and wind the baby at this station and at The Baby Clinic in the Home Corner.

Also in the home corner this month the children took on a variety of roles in The Home and at The Birthday Party.  At the Art Table they used oil pastels to draw a picture of New Year’s Eve fireworks over a city, they designed a 3D paper bag house using coloured card and a brown paper bag and completed a family tree by painting the tree and cutting out and sticking pictures of family members onto apples on the tree.

The class also sculpted their families out of playdough. At the Construction Corner the children were building houses using the large wooden blocks and the new plastic building blocks and a toy shop where they had to sort real artifacts (various old and new toys) into two sections; old toys from the past and new toys.

Have a look through the pictures of us hard at work below!

Ms. Johnson

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