During the month of November Senior Infants were focusing on ‘Our Locality’ and we were very busy! The class learned all about the different types of buildings in our community and the jobs involved in these. We looked closely at our own school and the activities and jobs within it. We read the story ‘The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse’ to compare and contrast living in a town/city or the countryside and we discussed ways to care for the environment and our communities.

At the Home Corner the children had the opportunity to play as various characters and explore the jobs in The School, The Bakery, The Fire-Station and The Post-Office. Each week was a huge success as they all required very different roles and scenarios to be acted out.

At the Art Table the children looked at the work of Wayne Thiebaud whose work is largely focused on paintings of food and cakes. The children then drew a slice of cake from observation and coloured the different layers and plate using oil pastels. They looked fabulous and of course very tasty! We then spent the further three weeks of the month working on a collage inspired by the movie ‘Up’ for the Art and Wine Evening where we sold all our works of art and they looked great.

At the Playdough table the children were asked to create playdough meals and at the small-world area they designed the playground of their dreams, a shopping centre and a postal run (village) with Lego.

With the large construction blocks the children built a garage and used toy cars and a road mat to act out scenarios, while another group tested the toy cars on the friction ramp with various surfaces and heights to explore forces and gravity. They also created a village of burning buildings with res paper flames to rescue using our fire-trucks and emergency vehicles. We also explored the dangers of electricity in the home and conducted experiments with magnets to find out which everyday items were magnetic.

We were very lucky to have a number of people to come into our classroom as guest speakers and tell us all about their jobs. Firstly we were very excited to have Ben’s uncle in, who is a drone expert, and he brought a fireman with him who works for Dublin Fire Brigade. You can read all about their visit and see photographs further down the page. Later in the month we also had three parents in who explained their jobs in the community. Conall’s mum told us all about her job as a physiotherapist, Daniel’s mum told us about being a biomedical engineer and Ollie’s mum had some lovely stories of how  she cares for people as a nurse. We are extremely grateful to all our visitors and we learned so much,  Thank You!!

In December we only had two weeks of Aistear as we were very busy with practicing for our concert, writing to Santa and going to the panto.

The class read some lovely Christmas stories during the month, including The Gruffalo’s Child and The Jolly Christmas Postman. We examined the types of materials found in presents and created our own texture hand prints by matching a range of materials to descriptive words. We were discussing the type of weather we have in winter, signs that winter is here and changes that occur at this time of year before we wrote our very first acrostic poem on the word ‘winter’.

In the Home Corner this month we took on a variety of special roles at The Christmas Post Office and Santa’s Workshop, both of which were lots of fun!

At the Small World Area we built the nativity scene with the stable, Mary, Joseph, Jesus, the three wise men, the angels and the shepherds. We were very familiar with the story of Jesus’ birth as we had spent lots of time over the course of the month  listening to and discussing stories about it in RE. We also worked really hard on making Junk Art sleighs using plastic containers, bottle tops, round lids and gold strips of cardboard as another Small-World activity.

At the playdough table we made lots of imaginative Christmas presents and decorations and we constructed Santa’s sleigh and grotto from large wooden blocks. In art we created lovely glittery Christmas baubles to take home and put on our trees and painted a wintery scene with willowy trees and Christmas robins.

However, the highlight was definitely the Christmas concert where the class performed four songs for their families on stage in the hall, all dressed up as elves. They did a really good job remembering all the words and it was a lovely show!

Please look through the photographs of us hard at work.

Ms. Johnson

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