For the last month in Senior Infants we have been learning about the theme of ‘Our Bodies’ in Aistear. We have been very busy! The children were learning about the different parts of the body, how to keep their bodies healthy, the importance of a balance diet and the five senses. During the month, the children got the opportunity to take on various roles at the home corner which was set up as ‘The Hospital’, ‘The Dentist Surgery’ and ‘The Opticians’. Through the Five Senses Exploration Table they had great fun taking part in tests to examine their sense of taste, smell, sight, hearing and touch with surprising results – lemon slices were very popular but dark chocolate definitely was not! Impressively they constructed the dentist chair, ambulances and some of The Seven Wonders of the World using large construction blocks.

The children were also busy at the Art Table creating  printed self-portraits using acrylic paint and cotton buds before printing their face onto paper, pasta skeletons, fun paper glasses and a group collage that formed a lovely class food pyramid that is now proudly on display in our classroom.

We have now started our next theme ‘The Farm’.

Ms. Johnson

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