Author: Katie Fox

3rd class & Junior Infants

We swapped handmade Christmas cards and got to know our buddies.

December Aistear: Junior Infants

This month’s Aistear theme is ‘Christmas’. The children are making Christmas Cards, candle holders and Nativity pictures at the Art Table. They are building Santa’s sleigh in the Construction Corner and taking turns to play the part of Santa, Santa’s elf, a reindeer and Mrs.Claus. They also built ‘Teddy Town’ where Teddy Santa delivered gifts to all the other teddies. In the Home Corner the children worked as Christmas elves in ‘Santa’s Workshop’, designing and building toys. They then showed their creations to the class in ‘Show and Tell’ where their classmates paid them compliments and asked them questions. The children made Santa’s sleigh from Mobilo in Small World and they created Christmas items from playdoughat the Sensory Table. The stories we are focusing on this month are ‘Stickman’, ‘The Gruffalo’s Child’ and ‘Santa on the Naughty Step’.

Junior and Senior Infants’ Nativity

The clssses put on The Sleepy Shepherd a d they were fabulous!

Junior Infants’ Aistear: September

September’s theme in Aistear was ‘The Farm’.

We learned about the jobs a farmer has to do,the foods we get from the farm and what produce the different farm animals provide us with.

In the Home Corner the children took on various roles.They were farmers in ‘The Farmyard’, vets, nurses and receptionists in ‘The Veterinary Surgery’ and shopkeepers or customers in ‘The Farm Shop’.

In Small World the children used Mobilo to build farm machinery and Lego to build farm buildings and fields for the animals.They also played with the wooden farmyard sets. The also built the set for the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’ and acted it out using the toy farm animals.

At the Art Table the children created a scarecrow face from a variety of fibres and fabrics. They also made paper plate farm animals and created ‘Junk Art’ tractors which the told the class about during ‘Show and Tell’.

In the Construction Corner the children worked together with their group to plan and build farmyards and barns. The also built the set for the story ‘The Three Little Pigs.’ They then told the story with the toy animals and we filmed this using the tablets while casting it onto our Interactive Board so that they could all watch the story.

They ploughed fields at the Sand Table and were creative with playdough using farm mats. We also discussed the many signs and seasonal changes of Autumn that we can see. The children learned about Harvest.

At the Water Table the children told the story of ‘The Pig in the Pond’.

This theme tied in nicely with the Assembly we are putting on in October where they will be acting out the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’ and celebrating Harvest.

The stories we read and focused on this month were:’Farmer Duck’,’The Little Red Hen’,’The Three Little Pigs’ and ‘The Pig in The Pond’.