As part of our Aistear topic ‘The Farm’ last month, Senior Infants learned about farming in the past when machinery was not available. The children watched a video about how butter is made in big factories now and then they looked at pictures of people churning butter in the past. We were also given a lovely antique glass butter churner which the children were able to examine. The children were very excited when they were told they would be making their own butter in class and set about the task with the utmost enthusiasm! We poured double cream into small container and secured them tightly. Each table had their own container and each child had to shake the cream for 2 minutes each (we used a big timer on the board to help with this). Once we had shaken the cream for roughly 15 minutes we opened the lids to find that the butter had separated from the buttermilk, which we drained off. The children then enjoyed their hard work by having a lovely snack of butter on crackers!

An old butter churner:


The beginning of the process (shaking the cream):


The results when we opened the pots (the butter and buttermilk separated):


And finally, enjoying the end product:



Ms. Johnson