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Aistear in Senior Infants – May 2017

The Aistear theme for the month of May was ‘Capital Cities and Countries’ and Senior Infants were very busy as there was a lot to learn. We focused mainly on France, Spain, London and Kenya. We learned all about the lifestyle and culture of these countries and discussed their location on the map, the language, the weather, main cities, traditional food, popular sports, animal and plant life and traditions. We looked at lots of photographs of famous landmarks, watched video clips that gave us a glimpse of life in each country and we read two lovely books in English called ‘A Lion in Paris’ by Beatrice Alemagna and ‘Iggy Peck Architect’ by Andrea Beaty. We also enjoyed some French food tasting, sampling baguettes, croissants and brie cheese!

The Home Corner was set up as The French Restaurant, The Spanish Café and The London Tourist Information Office with a Red Bus Tour And a visit to Buckingham Palace.

At the construction corner the children worked collaboratively to construct famous landmarks such as The Eiffel Tower, The Arc de Triomphe, The Plaza Espana, The Sagrada Familia, a Spanish Bull Ring and a variety of other famous buildings from the book ‘Iggy Peck Architect’ from the large wooden blocks.

They also built the city of London from Lego and some of the city’s buildings from Mobilo, while designing and creating their own bikes for The Rathmichael Tour de France out of pipe cleaners and straws.

At the Playdough Table we sculpted Picasso inspired faces and traditional African and North American homes, while at the sand table we explored the type of animals and plants you would find in desert areas.

Finally, the class produced some amazing art this month. They painted Claude Monet’s Poppy Fields from observation. They sculpted Spanish carnival masks from clay which they stuck feathers into, painted and added sparkly detail to. They spun paint on a paper plate in a salad spinner to mimic Damien Hirst’s Spin Art and experimented with Pop Art inspired by Andy Warhol.

Take a look at our work below.



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June Aistear, Junior Infants: Space

This month the children were learning about Space. They learned the names of the planets and heard the stories of Neil Armstrong and Chris Hadfield.  In the Home Corner the children became astronauts. They worked in the Space Station and explored Space in their rocket. At the Art Table they made Junk Art rockets and spaceships. In the Construction Corner they built a spaceship and went on a Space adventure. They also made rockets from Polydrons. In Small World they build rockets and planets and played with aliens. At the Sensory Table they made moons from puffy paint and used the Space playdough mats.

sam_0888 sam_0889 sam_0890 sam_0891 sam_0892 sam_0940 sam_0951 sam_0952 sam_0954 sam_0955

Jnr. Infants Aistear, April & May

The theme for April and May is ‘Habitats’.

At the Art Table they made penguins, ocean prints, jungle animals, paper plate minibeasts and the painted sunflowers, inspired by Van Gogh.

In the Home Corner they explored polar regions and rainforests. They also worked in a garden centre and as florists. They worked as scientists in the ‘Bug Exploration Lab’. The children went on a minibeast hunt in the school garden.

The children used the water table frequently this month. It became an Ocean for tropical fish and sharks, the Arctic Ocean and a pond. The sandpit became a desert.

The children also made sea creatures and dinosaurs from playdough.

In the Construction Corner the children built an igloo and played with polar animals. They also built a rainforest.

In Small World they played in ‘Dinosaur World’ and made caves, volcanos and trees from Lego. They built igloos from small blocks and played with polar animal models. The children also designed their dream garden with Lego and the built a jungle.

There was a huge amount of learning in this topic and the children really enjoyed exploring this theme.

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Aistear in Senior Infants – April

There was only three weeks of Aistear in April, split up by the midterm break, two before the holidays and one week after. As a result the theme for this month included a mixture of Space and Spring.

Space was a great, fun topic that interested everyone and Spring gave us an opportunity to do fun activities such as planting potatoes and onions in the school garden as one of our Aistear stations.

During the month we read Astronaut Chris Hadfield’s book ‘The Darkest Dark’ and an exciting story called ‘Aliens Love Underpants’. We enjoyed this story so much that we attempted to write our own small mini-books based on it but with the aliens coming to earth to find all sorts of strange things! We worked really hard on these so that we could impress everyone with them on open day!

We also learned the different parts of a plant, the lifecycle of a plant and what plants need to thrive. We discussed the signs of Spring we observed and the variety of new life in nature during this season.

At the Home-Corner the children had the opportunity to take on roles at The Space Station and The Garden Centre. They learned lots of facts about space to write into their space passport and they created paper flowers out of straws and crepe paper within this station.

We created our own paper collage underpants based on our story ‘Aliens Love Underpants’, cardboard tube butterflies and impasto  painted Easter Eggs (paint mixed with flour to give it texture) with blow-painted boxes at the Art Table.

The groups worked collaboratively to build a space ship out of large wooden blocks, they enjoyed designing a garden out of Lego and they sculpted the solar system and a bunch of flowers out of play dough independently.

We are really hoping that our potatoes and onions that we planted will grow and be ready to harvest before the end of the summer term.

There are plenty of pictures below to give a glimpse into our hard work.

Ms. Johnson.


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Aistear in Senior Infants – March

Senior Infants were lucky to have Ms. Cooke teaching them for March and leading Aistear for the month. The theme for the four weeks was Habitats. The children were very interested in each topic and embraced the opportunity to play in role as explorers in The Jungle and The Arctic, tour guides and costumers at The Aquarium and scientists at The Bug Research Lab at the Home Corner.

During the month Senior Infants also spent a lot of time learning about the plant and animal life within each habitat in class and reading stories such as ‘Gorilla’, ‘Over in the Meadow’ and ‘Rainbow Fish to the Rescue’ based on the topic.

At the Art Table, the children made paper plate jungle animals, paper collage fish, junk art mini-beasts and they created a chalk picture of ‘The Northern Lights’.

Playdough was a station each week and involved sculpting animals from each habitat, the results of which were brilliant! The Construction Area focused on building animal homes and playing with these using small world materials such as plastic animals, trees and rocks.

At the Sand Table the children dug for mini-beasts and at the Water Table the play centred on sea-creatures one week and penguins and polar ice caps another week.

Senior Infants would like to thank Ms. Cooke for all her hard work setting this up!

Below are some pictures of us hard at work.

Ms. Johnson


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Aistear in Senior Infants – February

The theme for February’s Aistear was Fantasy and Fairytales. We had great fun with this theme for the three weeks as it involved a lot of dressing up!

During the month we read and discussed lots of fairytale stories. The class focused mainly on the books ‘Cinderella’ by Niamh Sharkey, ‘Into the Forest’ by Anthony Browne and ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’, which were read as part of the Story-Station in Aistear.  We examined what is usually needed to make a good fairytale and then we created and wrote out our own unique fairytales using prompt cards and a dice. We learned about the features and rooms within a castle. We explored which materials were waterproof and non-waterproof by experimenting and finding a suitable material to create our own umbrellas. We sequenced events and created maps of the journey taken in the story ‘Into the Forest’.

At the Construction Corner the groups worked collaboratively to make superhero transport from the large wooden blocks.  They also created The Three Billy Goat’s Gruff’s bridge before re-enacting the story using their bridge and masks of the main characters.  They also built a medieval castle from Lego at the Small-World Area.

At the Home Corner the children had the opportunity to act out various characters in The Castle and at The Superhero Rescue Centre, where they had to design a superhero passport which gave them super powers and they were sent on lots of important missions.

Oil-pastels were used to draw and colour a picture of a castle using 2D shapes inspired by Paul Klee’s ‘The Castle and The Sun’ at the Art Table. Also at the Art Table we used masking tape to make an imprint of the shape of The Three Billy Goat’s Gruff‘s bridge on paper before painting a background, peeling off the tape and adding a troll.  Finally we all became superheroes when we painted our ‘Superhero Cityscapes’ and coloured in our own superhero costume to attach our faces to and fly. These superhero pictures are up on display outside our room so make sure to have a look. Finally, we sculpted ‘fairytale characters and scenes’ and ‘superheroes and villains’ out of play-dough.

Here are some pictures of all our hard work.

Ms. Johnson.

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