This month’s Aistear topic is ‘My Locality’. The children have been learning about the different jobs people do in our locality. In the Home Corner the children took on a variety of roles in ‘The Hospital’, ‘The School’, ‘The Café’, ‘The Estate Agents’ and ‘The Fire Station’.

At the Art Table the children made a street scene from coloured paper and card, paintings about caring for our environment, houses and junk art buildings.

In the Construction Corner they learned about forces and friction and built ramps to carry out experiments. They also built a town, a garda station and a playground from the Jaggo blocks and polydrons.

The children played at ‘The Construction Site’ at the Sand Table and they learned about magnets and carried out experiments around the classroom.

In Small World the children built a village and a park from Lego and they played with the wooden village, the garage and the fire station.

The books we focused on were ‘A Squash and a Squeeze’ and ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’ by Julia Donaldson.

Work linked to this topic: recycling and marine pollution, mapping, people who care for us, where we live and play, homes, forces, fire safety, electricity-uses, dangers, saving electricity.