Our Aistear theme for November was ‘Families’.During this month we focused on the stories ‘Owl Babies’, ‘Peace At Last’, ‘A Quiet Night In’,and  ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’.

In the Home Corner the children took turns at playing the many different roles within a family. During ‘Birthday Week’ they prepared the corner for a party. They made cards, prepared the party food, played a party game and celebrated the birthday.

At the Art Table the children have been very busy. Our discussion on Homes at the beginning of the month led to the children making their homes out of junk and painting a picture of their house. They designed photo frames for pictures of their families and created an owl baby picture. The children also drew a plan of their bedroom which they later used when working at the Small World station.

In Small World they created a village with different types of homes and buildings using blocks and our wooden town set. They also sequenced story pictures and built a scene from the book ‘Peace at Last’.The children followed the plan of their bedroom and they built it using lego  and our  dolls house furniture.

In the Construction Corner the children worked as a team to build homes from Polydron blocks. They constructed apartment blocks,caravans.bungalows and two-storey houses.

At the Water Table the children were learning how to bath and care for babies. They learned how to dry them,put on nappies and feed the baby a bottle.During this month the children used playdough  to  create birthday cakes and to make the members of their family.