Irish Dancing

Clare Dowling comes in in the summer term for a six week period to cover Irish Dancing with 1st to 6th Classes. I feel this is important as it is part of our heritage and culture. Unless this is carried out at Primary School level the children very rarely get the opportunity to learn Irish dances. When I am in the hall I see happy smiling faces doing a lot of very healthy exercise. This can only be of benefit to the children. It is good to see especially as Rathmichael is an Active School.



Our French classes are taken by Catherine McGovern. She teaches both 5th and 6th Classes. As part of this they have conversations, sing, do drama and learn grammar and vocabulary. This week we had a French Assembly led by their teacher. Both classes were involved. It was wonderful to see the language in action and such lovely accents!



Cricket has been taking place in the school for a period of approximately six weeks. Caoilfhionn Rowen has been leading this on behalf of the Leinster Cricket Union. This is free to the school. 5th and 6th Classes have been taking part. A team was selected and they are currently playing in the Leprechaun Cup. So far we have been doing very well. For those interested Cabinteely Cricket Club has been recommended. They play in Castle Park at the moment but hope to move back to Killboggit Park.Cricket pic.JPG 2