Newsletter/ Scan – Dec

We have had a busy month. As children are not allowed to mix bubbles/classes it has been hard to buddy up. Each class has a buddy in another class. Normally we would read to each other, make cards, create stories, play games, do artwork together. The lost we can do is deliver cards to the door of a classroom or go outside and do something in the fresh air. 4th Class and Senior Infants did treasure hunt together outside This was great fun for both classes.

The PTA were able to hold a dance day for the children when they dressed up. The hall had windows and doors open and music blared allowing children to dance about. The PTA decorated the hall to create a festive atmosphere. Fun was had by all.

Pumpkins came in the same day and we held a competition. This was almost impossible to judge as the creativity was wild!!

Following midterm, we collected boxes for Team Hope. Cathy and James Malseed came in to school to give an account of where the boxes would be going and various stories about children who received the boxes. It is a great school community effort which we have not been able to do because of Covid. It was great to be able to get involved with this charity once again.

Heidi Good came in to school to give a talk to all the classes on Field of Life. We sponsor two children, Caleb and Mercy. Heidi was able to show us pictures of Caleb and Mercy. She read out a letter which they had written and reported on where the money from the school went every month. It also was a great catch up for the children.

Covid has attacked most schools at this stage in some way or another. We continue to do the best we can to keep everyone safe.