Senior Infants were learning all about ‘The Farm’ this October in Aistear. We had great fun and were very busy. We were learning all about the different machinery used, identifying the types of animals found there and where they live on the farm and matching different produce to the correct animal. We also discussed farming in the past and compared the way we produce milk and butter now with how it was made in the past. We even churned our own butter in class and enjoyed it on crackers! As it is now Autumn we also discussed signs of autumn, seasonal changes and kept a nature table to gather autumn leaves and cones.


At the Home-Corner the children had the opportunity to take on a variety of roles at ‘The Mart’,  ‘The Farm Shop’ and ‘The Pet Groomers/The Pet Shop’.  At the Art Table, we painted lovely farm scenes (which are now on show outside our classroom), we recreated The Life-cycle of a Hen and made an autumnal painting by printing painted leaves on a tree.

On top of this each Aistear group also got to design a farm from Lego, construct scarecrows using the large blocks, explore stuck in the muck animals at the sand table, create harvest machinery from Mobilo and sculpt playdough farm animals.

For the last week of October, we focused on Hibernation, creating clay hedgehogs, constructing hibernation homes from large wooden blocks, sequenced The Hibernation Cycle of the Hedgehog and listened to the story ‘Bear Snores On’ in The Hibernation Station before taking on the role of a hibernating animals sleeping for the winter (their snoring could be heard all over the classroom!!).

Finally, Senior Infants also made bird feeders using pine cones, peanut butter and bird seeds to help the birds who struggle to find food in the winter. We then went out in our Halloween costumes on the last day before midterm to hang the bird feeders in the school garden. Have a look below!

Our topic for November is ‘My Locality’.

Ms. Johnson

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