This month’s Aistear theme is ‘Showtime’.  They have been learning about the circus, Chinese New Year, carnivals and fairgrounds.

In the Home Corner the  children have been in role as performers and the audience at ‘The Circus’, they were wait staff, chefs and customers in ‘The Chinese Restaurant’ and they played a variety of games at ‘The Fairground’..

At the Art Table the children made paper plate clowns, Chinese fans and lanterns and carnival masks.

In Small World they put on puppet shows and played in the circus tent, built Lego circuses, created Chinese floats for the Chinese New Year festival and made a funfair out of Lego.

In the Construction Corner they built a dragon and fairgound rides.

We linked these topics with the following stories in English: ‘The Singing Mermaid’, ‘The Great Race’ and ‘Dogger’.

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