In January Senior Infants were focusing on the theme ‘My Family’. This meant that we learned all about the different types of families, the various members of a family, special occasions that families share together and all about the home. As well as this, we sequenced the human life-cycle, discussed the growth and changes at each stage and learned all about how to look after a baby.

At the Art Table, we firstly completed some junk art houses inspired by ‘The House that Grew’. We also gathered family photos and photos of ourselves at the different stages of the human life-cycle so far. We created family trees with the pictures of our families by cutting out pictures of family members and sticking them onto the apples on their tree. We then designed picture frames for our photo timeline showcasing pictures of ourselves as a baby, a toddler and the present day. The photo timelines turned out very well and they are now on display in our classroom for anyone that would like to come in and have a look at how we’ve changed!

At the Construction Corner we constructed a house, a church and a toy shop over the course of the month. When we were building the toyshop we had a box of toys, some from the past and some from the present day, which we had to discuss and sort into the shelves on the old toy section and the new toys section of the shop.

Everyone enjoyed taking on a variety of roles in the socio-dramatic corner, which was set up as The Home, The Wedding and The Christening. We learned about the people involved in a wedding and a christening, the sequence of events that take place and the significance of these celebrations within families. And as if this wasn’t enough, there was also great enthusiasm when it came to learning about how to bath and care for a baby at the Water Table. In class we had listened to a story that told us the correct way to hold a baby, how to wash and dry it, how to change a nappy and how to feed and wind the baby. We really enjoyed practicing this with the dolls at the Water Table and we even gave the babies a little massage too!

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