September’s theme in Aistear was ‘The Farm’.

We learned about the jobs a farmer has to do,the foods we get from the farm and what produce the different farm animals provide us with.We had a visit from Farmer Fox who told us all about his farm.

In the Home Corner the children took on various roles.They were farmers in ‘The Farmyard’,vets,nurses and secretaries in ‘The Veterinary Surgery’ and shopkeepers or customers in ‘The Farm Shop’.

In Small World the children used mobilo to build farm machinery and lego to build farm buildings and homes for the animals.They also played with the farmyard sets.

At the Art Table the children painted and created a scarecrow face. They also made farm animals and created ‘Junk Art’ tractors.

In the Construction Corner the children worked together with their group to plan and build tractors and barns.

They ploughed fields at the Sand Table and were creative with playdough.We also discussed the many signs and seasonal changes of Autumn that we can see.

The stories we read and focused on this month were:’Farmer Duck’,’The Little Red Hen’,’The Three Little Pigs’ and ‘The Pig in The Pond’.