The Rathmichael School and Parish Fete took place on 5th September. The sun shone, the people came, fun was had and all in all a very successful day yet again. It comes around every year. We all look forward to it. It really is a marked event in the calendar for the Shankill Community. Well done to all who took part, their hard work and for creating such a great atmosphere.


The children have returned to school and are working hard. We collected our vegetables grown in the school garden. Potatoes, cabbages and peas were particularly successful this year. The Rhubarb was collected to make chutneys for the fete. The strawberries were delicious. We will continue to work in our garden and try new ideas.


The days and weeks are passing quickly. Each year comes with more and more ideas to include in the timetables which are already jam packed. Overall the staff do a terrific job in finding a balance with them all.