Daily Mile

Congratulations to the whole class on completing the Daily Mile Challenge!! I hope you keep running.

November Awards

Congratulations to our Artist, Sportsperson and Handwriter of the Month!

Friday 27th November

Gaeilgeoir na Seachtaine

Our Star of the Week

Star of the Week: 20th November

Gaeilgeoir na Seachtaine

Maith thú Harrison!!

Seasonal Change in our Community

Today we had a lovely walk up to Rathmichael Church. We saw lots of evidence of Winter along the way – trees losing their leaves, berries for the animals, brown fields and evergreen trees. The children were all so well behaved and greeted all our neighbours as they past! We even managed to get a few beeps from the motorway!

Star of the Week: 13th November

Gaeilgeoir na Seachtaine

Science Week: 11th – 15th November

We finished Science Week with some STEM play. The pods all worked so well together to construct great structures.

Today’s experiment was about how sedimentary rocks are formed. We used pressure/friction to melt chocolate and form chocolate rocks. We had to sample our creation at the end of course!!

Wow! Today we had so much fun doing our science experiment. We were studying liquid density and whether oil and water mix. The class made their own fireworks in a glass!!

This week we are spending extra time learning about science. Today we did a magic potion experiment. Try it at home with a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda, some food colouring and a tablespoon of vinegar.

Friday 6th November

We have had a great start back after our week off. Everyone worked so hard all week so well done! We started our Daily Mile challenge. We will be running every day in November.

Gaeilgeoir na Seachtaine

Our Star of the Week

Halloween Fun!

Disco Magic

Thank you so much to the PTA for an amazing party in the hall!! The whole class had a brilliant time….wrapping myself and Mrs Fortune as mummies was probably a highlight!!

Halloween Maths Games

Trick or Treat!

Our Pumpkin Carving Winners

Well done boys!

Pumpkin Hunt!

Sportsperson of the Month

Handwriter of the Month

Well done James!

Artist of the Month

Friday 23rd October

This week’s Star of the Week!

Gaeilgeoir na Seachtaine

Pumpkin Carving

Huge well done to all our brilliant entries in the Pumpkin Carving Competition! They are all fantastic!!!

Friday 16th October

Our Star of the Week!

Maths Week: 12th – 16th October

We had so much fun in maths this week! We loved playing maths games on topmark.co.uk. Hit the button was our favourite! We also had a brilliant time on Friday doing Ms Johnson’s Shape Maths Trail. We love maths in second class!!

Coding Week: 12th – 16th October

This week we have been busy every morning trying to break some codes and use codes to write messages.

Friday 9th October

Our Star of the Week

Friday 2nd October

Our Star of the Week

Today we spent time walking around the school grounds looking at natural materials. The children were busy classifying what they found.

September Awards

Congratulations to our Artist, Handwriter and Sportsperson of the Month! An awful lot of hard work and talent on display this month. Well done all!

Our Star of the Week – 25th Sept

European Sports Week – 23rd – 30th September


To finish European Sports Week we did some orienteering around our school. Great team work and map reading by all!

Run a Mile

Each pod ran a mile on Friday. Some pupils were so fit they ran some ‘bonus’ laps!!

Teacher Challenge

I set the class a ball skills challenge and they did brilliantly!!

We got off to a great start today with socially distant tangram races! Each pod had to use their speed, their brains and their team work to succeed!

Our Star of the Week – 18th September

Studying Dandelions

This week we have been learning all about the life cycle of dandelions. We then went on a search for them around the school grounds.

Star of the Week – 11th September

After another great week we had an amazing star!! Well done!

Active Maths

We’re trying to get up out of our seats as much as we can while keeping social distance. Lots of hard work counting backwards today.

PE Fun in the Sun!

We had a great time orienteering in school today. The children all worked really well in their pods and found all 10 controls!

Friday 4th Sept: Well done to everyone on our first full week of school! Everybody worked so hard all week!

Well done especially to our Star of the Week!

Hi everybody!

It’s nearly time to get back to school. I look forward to seeing you all on Thursday 27th!