Healthy eating

In line with the Social Personal & Health Education programme (S.P.H.E.) and the introduction of Science in the curriculum, the school healthy eating policy has been revised and updated. 

It is hoped that parents & pupils will co-operate with the recommendations which have been  drawn up in consultation with staff, pupils, PTA, the local Dental Health Centre and DES curriculum.

Suggested contents of lunch box( 1st to 6th class)

At least 2 items of fruit or veg.  Sandwiches, rolls, pitta pockets, crackers, cheese, cheese dips, fruit/veg. (i.e. carrot, celery, cucumber etc.), pop corn (in a container only), raisins, fruit drinks, yogurt, yogurt drinks, Nutrigrain.

It has been decided that the little Break time will be a fruit or veg. only  break, unless there is a dietary requirement or in consultation with the principal.

 For Junior & Senior Infants

1 fruit and 1 choice from above list.

 Treat Day:

Friday-  One fun size chocolate bar or similar of choice.

 Forbidden foods:

Crisps and all similar foods in packs, chocolate, chocolate bars, winders, sweets, fizzy drinks in bottles, plastic container or cans.

 It is hoped that parents will discourage their children from buying junk foods i.e. sweets and the other forbidden foods above en route to school and especially at the garage near the school.

 Please study sheet “hidden sugar” given by the school Dentist on rear and please keep this document/circular for future reference.

NB   If your child has a certified dietary condition/disorder, please discuss this matter with the child’s teacher or the principal.