MARCH 2018

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your co-operation during last week’s enforced closure of the school. My thanks also to all those who helped to prepare the school for reopening on Monday.

Some important items for your attention:

Dates for your Diary:

5th – 23rd March:

Teaching Practice – student teachers in Junior and Senior Infants.

(16th April – 4th May:   Teaching Practice – student teachers in 3rd, 4th and 5th Classes).

9th April – 18th May:

Spanish Student Teacher in Junior infants.

Note: 2 past pupils, Alannah Howie and Jade Gamble, both prospective teachers, are currently observing in Junior Infants and 2nd Class respectively on Mondays.

14th March:

6th Class Evening for parents/grandparents only. Notes have gone out to 6th Class.

16th March:

First Swim for 1st and 4th Class. Notes have gone home to these classes.

19th March:

School closed for in lieu of St. Patrick’s Day (one day only).

20th March:

Niall de Burca, Author, will be coming in to read stories to pupils.

21st March:

3rd and 5th Class Shows. Notes will go home separately to the classes.

23rd March:

P.T.A. Easter Bake Sale – separate notes will go home nearer the date. Baking will be a homework item for Thursday 22nd March.


School is closed for a staff Inservice English Language training day, on 17th April.

23rd March:

School will close at 12.30 p.m. for Easter Holidays

9th April:

School returns for a normal school day.


Staff Training/School Closures

The school was due to close for a half day to enable staff to undergo further training in Child Protection. However due to the  school closure last week it has been decided not to take the half day and teachers will undergo this in their own time.


School Website

Please check the website for the new Child Safeguarding Statement, a copy of which is also on the school noticeboard.


Southside Schools Sports

Registration for sports in the Summer Term will take place shortly.


Seachtain na Gaeilge

This is taking place over the next couple of weeks on various dates. On the 12th March, there will be a Céilí for Junior Infants to 1st Class inclusive, on the 14th March, 2nd to 6th Classes will have Tráth na gCeist and on 22nd March there will be a Ceolchoim for the whole school. Each class has been involved in contributing to Scriobh Leabhar and the winners of this will be announced after Easter. My thanks to Mrs McMurdock for all her work in organising events.


School Bills/Revenue Forms

My thanks to those parents who have already paid the Spring Bill, particularly to those paying online.  For your information, the Voluntary Contribution on the bill is used by the Board of Management to augment any grant aid we receive to maintain and upgrade the school and its grounds, including essential ongoing works.  Without this contribution we would have to fund raise far more aggressively during the year.  Funds raised by the P.T.A. have paid for the netting around the astro pitch, a new bicycle shelter, four new computers for the Computer Room, the licence for a coding programme for school and the licence for the Library system. Amongst other things, the P.T.A. also subsidises the Music and Spanish teachers and bus hire for tours and pays for phone charges, Business Insurance and substitute teachers, while money from school bills pays for our annual Pupil Insurance, text charges, art/stationery supplies and photocopying to name but a few. So many thanks to the P.T.A. Committee and to all of you who support our fund raising efforts. Thank you also to those of you with two or more children in the school who have returned the Revenue forms – I would appreciate it if you have a form that you could send it in as soon as possible as each year we receive refunds from Revenue which is available for the Board of Management to use on the school’s behalf.


Habitat for Humanity – again my thanks to all the children for dressing up or wearing red on Valentine’s Day and bringing in €2. We were able to give Natasha Stanley €350 towards her fund raising efforts to go to Romania to build houses for Habitat for Humanity. She has now managed to raise all the funds needed so we wish her the very best of luck with the trip. Thanks to Natasha for baking such delicious Valentine biscuits.


Parents Making Children Aware

As in previous years, representatives from PMCA came into 6th Class for 6 weeks giving sessions on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. These were invaluable lessons for the children in preparation for their move to secondary school and the pupils benefitted hugely from them. There was a presentation to 6th Class parents at the end of the course.


PTA Events

Pancake Day for Crumlin Children’s Hospital – my thanks to the PTA Committee and helpers for providing pancakes for the whole school on 13th February. Thank you too to everyone who bought in €2. We raised €400 which we sent on to the Hospital – this was very much appreciated.

AdultsTable Quiz – thanks to everyone who participated in the recent Adults Table Quiz. It was a very enjoyable night and over €1,000 was raised towards school funds. Our thanks to Niall Carty, Quizmaster and to all the local traders and parents in school who provided the fabulous raffle prizes.

Liberty Recycling – bags for this event will be given out on Monday, per family, (with more available as required). All filled bags to be brought back to school by 16th April for collection. Items accepted include: clothes, shoes, towels, curtains, handbags, purses and bed clothes (i.e. duvet covers, pillow slips, bed sheets).  They do not accept: duvets, pillows, carpets/rugs, soft toys, hard toys or household waste.  Please take time over Easter to gather items.


Physical Activities

Swimming – the last swim for 2nd and 5th Classes took place today, 9th March (extended due to school closure last week) while the first swim for 1st and 4th Classes is on 16th March (this is to ensure that they have 10 sessions in total). A note has gone home to 1st and 4th Classes.

Hockey – the Girls’ Hockey team has performed exceptionally well, winning all their matches at group stage. They will play Sandford National School on Tuesday for a place in the final so the best of luck for that game. The Boys’ team have also acquitted themselves very well and are still involved in matches.

Football – the team has only played one match out of a possible five, winning this impressively. The other  matches are scheduled for later this term and early in Summer Term. We have entered an A and a B team into the Cup competitions.

Irish Dancing – this popular activity returns on 13th April for six weeks for pupils from 1st to 6th Classes.

P.E. with Southside School Sports – the pupils are really enjoying this new initiative and the feedback is very positive.

G.A.A. and  Cricket – these are ongoing through the term.

Tennis – 6th Class Tennis coaching with Derek Healy in Shankill Tennis Club will commence in the Summer Term and notes will go home to the class shortly.

Active Week – the school is once again participating in an important initiative to get pupils active. We have achieved our Active Flag (not dissimilar to the Green Flag but for physical activities rather than the environment) and are continuing to encourage pupils to stay active. As part of this, we will once again be holding an Active Flag Week from 11th to 15th June inclusive. This will be a fun-filled week of activities, involving parents and pupils and we would encourage everyone to participate. More information will follow.

 Caroline Senior


9th March 2018



Dear Parents,

Please remember that school is closed at 12.30 p.m. (Infants 12.25 p.m.) on 23rd February for a staff training half day.  Also school will be closed on 17th April for an Inservice Day.

Amendment to Holiday details for 2019.  Please note that we will be finishing on Wednesday 26th June 2019 and not Tuesday 25th June 2019, as previously advised.

Some important items for your attention:

Dates for your Diary:

15th & 16th February – Midterm break (2 days).

13th February: Pancake Day in aid of Crumlin Children’s Hospital.

A note has been sent via email to all families – please give your child €2 to bring in tomorrow.

14th February: Valentine Themed Day for Habitat for Humanity.

A note has been sent via email to all families – please support Natasha Stanley’s fund raising initiative – pupils should wear a Valentine inspired costume or something red and bring in €2.

28th February – 21st March – Teaching Practice.

Student teachers will be in Junior and Senior Infants.

2nd March – Last swim for 2nd and 5th

9th March – First swim for 1st and 4th

A separate note will go home about this to 1st and 4th Classes.

14th March – 6th Class Evening at 6.00 p.m.

A separate note will go home about this to 6th Class. This is in place of the evening normally held at the end of June.

16th March – last day of Spring Games.

19th March – School is closed in lieu of St. Patrick’s Day.

21st March – 3rd and 5th Class Concerts in School for their parents/siblings.

A separate note will go home about this to 3rd and 5th Classes. 3rd Class Concert will take place from 5.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. with the 5th Class performance from 6.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m.

23rd March – last day of Spring Term – the PTA Easter Bake Sale will be held on this day – School will close at 12.30 p.m. (Infants 12.25 p.m.)

9th April – first day of Summer Term – a normal school day.

Seachtain na Gaeilge

Various events to celebrate Seachtain na Gaeilge will take place during March. These will be co-ordinated by Mrs. McMurdock.

Staffing Arrangements

Mrs Aoife McMurdock will be returning after the February mid-term break to teach 1st Class and we are delighted to have her back. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Suzanne McCoy for all her hard work, enthusiasm and dedication last year with 2nd Class and this year with 1st Class. She will be sadly missed and I would like to wish her all the best for the future.

After School Games – Southside School Sports

You will all have received a note about the change to our After School Games structure for next term. As advised this was due purely to administrative restraints placed upon us, particularly in areas such as payments, general costs and Garda vetting, all of which had to be implemented from last September. I would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to June Lawless for the way in which she managed the games over a vast number of years – it is only since we have taken over the running of it that we appreciate exactly how much work fell on her shoulders. Her dedication and commitment to the school was immeasurable and we will always be indebted to her. I would also like to thank Hayley Sarratt for all her work this year and in previous years and Niall Denham, the hockey coach for the many years of excellent coaching he has provided to our pupils and the grounding in hockey that he has given them. I am grateful to all of the coaches who have given their time to teach our pupils both hockey and football over the past number of years.

Southside School Sports come highly recommended and I am sure that the children will enjoy the sports programme that they will bring to the school. Coaches will be taking PE with classes from 19th February to aid the transition process.

Advance Notice: Tennis – this will once again be offered to 6th Class in the Summer Term, co-ordinated by Trish and separate from the new Games structure. Coaching will take place on Fridays from 3.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. in Shankill Tennis Club, starting on 13th April. A separate note will be sent home to 6th Class.

Girls’ Hockey Team

Many congratulations to the Girls’ Hockey Team on winning all their matches to date. They are currently top of their group with only one match remaining. My thanks to Niall for all his work with the team.

Driving in the School Grounds

A serious driving incident was recently brought to my attention in which a car was photographed moving out of the line of cars waiting to exit the school following the morning drop off and going to the wrong side of the driveway so that it was blocking the entrance to the school gate where another car was waiting on the road to come in. This was an extremely dangerous manoeuvre which could have caused a serious accident and we subsequently reported the car registration to the Gardai. As it is impossible for us to monitor the car park, we intend to report any future incidents to the Gardai for them to deal with. We are one of very few national schools which allow parents to drive into the grounds and if such an incident occurs again we will have no choice but to close the gates and restrict  access to pedestrians only.

P.T.A. Recycling Fundraising Venture with Liberty Recycling

Following on from last year’s very successful fundraising event, we will once  again be participating in this initiative with Liberty Recycling (a clothes recycling social enterprise and charity supporting those affected by drug and alcohol abuse) in conjunction with raising funds for the school. Please gather any unwanted clothing items over the mid-term break and during the Easter holidays. Each family will be given a bag (and more if required) to fill and these will be collected on Wednesday 18th April by Liberty Recycling who will give the school €4 per bag collected.  The permanent container will remain in situ but I would ask that you do not put clothes into it for the duration of this fundraising initiative.

Infant Nativity Play DVD

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Moss Hanrahan’s parents, Kasia and Rory for the excellent production of the DVD of the Infant Play.

Core Credit Union Quiz

Congratulations to Eleanor Foot, Mark Roche, Ollie Gordon and Jamie Miller who were selected to represent the school at the recent Core Credit Union Quiz.

Green School

My thanks to Mrs Gillian Bourne and the Green School Committee (Grace Marshall, Isabel Smyth, Amelia Lawless McCarthy, Harriet Smith, Cormac Storm and James Clinch) for their excellent presentations to Dean Eaton recently on the occasion of our Green School Review. My thanks to all the pupils and teachers for the hard work put in on projects and displays. Dean was most impressed with the class work and the children’s level of knowledge.

In conjunction with our commitment to a Green School, Gary Thompson continues to work hard to make our School Garden an attractive facility for all our pupils and the children will be involved in planting in the weeks to come. Please take time when this is finished to visit the garden to admire the work carried out.

Gaeltacht Trip

My thanks to Ms. Jackie Morris and Mrs. Rosemary Allison for agreeing to accompany the class teachers on this trip at the end of May.

5th and 6th Class – Activities in School Hours

Cycling Safety

Pupils in 6th Class have completed an eight week course in cycle skills and safety training. This was enjoyed by them all and was a great confidence booster. The course organisers were very impressed by how much the children supported and encouraged each other.

Parents Making Children Aware

6th Class are currently involved in a six week progamme to raise awareness of a variety of issues including drug and alcohol abuse. These are invaluable lessons for the children as they prepare to move to secondary school and they benefit hugely from them. The last session will showcase the children’s work during the programme and will include a presentation of certificates – 6th Class parents and guardians are invited to attend this – date to be advised separately.

Little Miss Mindfulness

5th Class are currently participating in an eight week course aimed at inspiring healthy living through mindfulness and well being.


Both 5th and 6th Classes are participating in cricket coaching on Fridays up to Easter with Diarmuid Lynch of Leinster Cricket. Following on from this a team will be selected to represent the school in the annual Leprechaun Schools Competition.

School Bills/Revenue Forms

The Spring Bills have been issued and prompt payment of same would be much appreciated. Parents may pay by cash or cheque or directly to the Bank (details on the Bills).  The Revenue Forms (only applicable if you have more than one child in the school) will be issued after the mid-term break.

PTA Fundraising Efforts

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the PTA Committee, parents and pupils for all your fundraising efforts to date. I am delighted that through your efforts we are able to pay for nets to be installed around the perimeter of the hockey pitch, making it a much safer environment by preventing balls from going outside the school grounds, thereby reducing the risk of causing a hazard to traffic.  We have also paid for a new bike shelter which will be delivered and installed shortly. We have also been able to install four new computers in the Computer Room. My thanks to Jonathan Byford and Warren Howe for all their help with the installation.

On a fundraising note, I would like to express my thanks to Matt Hickmott (past parent) for providing us with such an excellent selection of Christmas trees – anyone I have spoken to was delighted with the quality of the trees – hopefully we will be able to repeat this for next Christmas.

Enjoy the mid-term break.

Caroline Senior


12th February 2018

P.T.A. Notes

Our thanks to everyone who participated in the recent Adults Table Quiz in the Tennis Club. It was a very enjoyable night in which Senior Infants were particularly well represented by their parents. Over €1,000 was raised towards school funds. Congratulations to the winners (the Harte family and friends) and thanks to Niall Carty, Quizmaster and to all the local traders and parents in school who provided the fabulous raffle prizes.

Please make a note in your diaries of the upcoming events as mentioned already in the Newsletter