As consolidation of work done.

To cultivate the habit of private study

To keep parents in touch with and involved in the children’s school work

Procedures and Guidelines

Children in the Junior Infant class do not receive written homework but are expected to do sounds and reading homework daily. Children in the Senior Infant class also receive reading homework and some written work on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

In First class a more structured form of written work is introduced. Spellings and reading are set each day. Written work includes English, Irish, Mathematics, Environmental Studies. Learning work will also include poetry. Tables are set each week.

From second class onwards the written work is generally set as follows:

English on Mondays, Mathematics on Tuesdays, Irish on Wednesdays, Mathematics on Thursdays.

It is policy to set one written exercise as above and learning exercises for second and third classes, e.g. poetry, English/ Irish reading, spelling, etc.

In 4th, 5th, 6th classes one written exercise, as above, and three learning exercises are set, e.g. spellings, poetry, history/geography alternatively.

The content of homework is at the discretion of the individual teacher

Any change of policy is decided by the entire staff.