ICT Policy

Rathmichael Parish National School

ICT Policy

Rathmichael Parish National School realizes the importance of children becoming proficient in the use of ICT as a learning tool. New ICT developments are constantly being unveiled and these developments can have a significant impact in the classroom, both from the perspective of the teacher and the learner.

We have a very well equipped computer room with 16 sufficiently up-to-date PCs, a server and a projector. The school PTA sponsors the renewal of these computers. The computers are used by the pupils under supervision of the teachers.

Each child gets to use the computers in the computer room for at least half an hour per week and they also have access to a computer in their own classroom. Children with special educational needs avail of games and apps suited to their needs, and some use technology in the classroom to assist their learning. Each classroom has a Promethean interactive whiteboard. We have a whole class set of tablets and two smaller sets. Use of these tablets is timetabled for each class. WIFI is available in much of the school.

Integrating ICT into the school curriculum in a meaningful and creative way is a priority in Rathmichael School. ‘Computers’ are not ‘taught’ as a subject in isolation. As well as learning computer skills, the use of ICT is integrated into all subject and curricular areas and it is used as a teaching and learning tool. IT skills are built on as the children move up the school. Internet safety is promoted and taught to the pupils.

The children and teachers have internet access and school network access on each computer and interactive board in the school. The array of online resources is vast, and increasing by the day. The use of these online resources takes forward planning from the teacher and there is an obligation on the pupil to be responsible in their use of the computer, as outlined in the Acceptable Usage Policy. Using the World Wide Web can greatly enhance the quality of the teaching, inspire the pupils and bring most topics to life in the classroom environment.

Our school derives great use from software and online resources for the teaching of children with special educational needs and the 3 resource teachers have the use both of the computer room and a laptop computer each.

The staff participates regularly in summer courses in ICT and have the support of the ICT co-ordinator to help them teach ICT and learn about ICT in our school. The staff and management review this policy annually or as required.

ICT Plan 2019/2020

School Profile

  • 1 administrative principal
  • 8 classroom teacher
  • 3 SEN teachers
  • 3 SNAs
  • 218 students
  • School wired and wireless network with filtered Internet access.
  • A computer room with 16 computers, a colour laser printer, projector and scanner.
  • 8 Promethean whiteboards in all classrooms
  • 1 SMART board in the staffroom for SEN team.
  • 1 fixed media projector in the school hall with rear projection screen.
  • 2 computers in the school office and the Principal’s office with printers attached.
  • A networked photocopier in the school office.
  • 1 computer in the school library for computerised lending of books.
  • Digital cameras
  • School website
  • School social media pages- Facebook and Instagram.

Role of AP2 with responsibility for ICT.

Administration and maintenance

  • The upkeep, maintenance and care of the school network.
  • ICT policy updating
  • School website
  • School social media
  • Purchasing ICT equipment
  • Software research, purchasing and installation
  • Email for staff
  • Internet and filtering
  • Effective digital communication

Curricular areas

  • Staff training in ICT
  • School plan and ICT scheme
  • NCTE and DES documentation requirements
  • Oversee Internet Safety instruction is given to students.

Pastoral duties

  • Assess staff needs in the area of ICT and organise/give any extra training.
  • Communicate with staff with regard to ICT enhancements and new initiatives.
  • Support staff in their use of ICT to increase confidence, and address concerns.