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Teddy Bears’ Picnic

The Junior and Senior Infants had a teddy bears picnic to celebrate the end of term!

Explorium School Tour

The Junior and Senior Infants went to Junior Explorium on a  school tour on Tuesday, 11th June and they had a ball! Many thanks to the mums who came to help!

Junior Infants’ Aistear: March

During March Junior Infants continued with the theme ‘Our Locality’.   We continued discussing the many different jobs and community workers that are in a town and  about the ways in which  we have a responsibility to look after our world.

In the Home Corner they had the opportunity to  play as various characters and explore the jobs in ‘The Cafe’ and ‘The Firestation.’These required very many different roles and scenarios to be acted out.

At Small World Area the children designed the playground of their dreams,they built lego buildings and then incorporated the small wooden firestation and they had fun using the motorway track and vehicles .

In the Construction Corner the children created a village of burning buildings using polydron blocks and paper flames.They rescued these using our fire-trucks and emergency vehicles.

In Art we painted a fire truck and designed and made one out of junk materials .We also created playdough meals.

We also explored the dangers and uses of electricity in our homes and we carried out experiments with magnets to find out which everyday items were magnetic.

As we were also talking about Spring the book we read was ‘The Teeny Tiny Tadpole’.

Junior Infants’ Aistear: January

This month our theme for Aistear was ‘Our Bodies’. The children have been learning about their skeleton and its functions,healthy and unhealthy  foods, the 5 senses, caring for our teeth,the importance of exercise, growing and changing and people in our communities who care for us like doctors and nurses.

In the Home Corner the children  took on different roles  in ‘The Doctor’s Surgery’,’The Dentist Surgery’ and ‘The Optician’s’. Then they continued their roles by  constructing  and building an ambulance from large wooden blocks and the Home Corner became the accident and emergency ward in ‘The Hospital’.

In Construction the children also made surgeries and hospitals from polydron blocks.

In Small World they created bodies from Mobilo and built hospitals and ambulances from lego .The children also created skeletons and healthy dinner plates from playdough .

At the Art Table the children made skeletons from pasta and created pictures of healthy and unhealthy foods by cutting food pictures out of magazines. They decorated their own healthy fruit bowl based on the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’.The children decorated around their baby photograph and they talked about what has changed and what has stayed the same. As it was winter we also made a snowman picture.

We also enjoyed the stories ‘Funnybones’ and ‘Handa’s surprise.’

Teddy Bears’ Picnic

The Junior and Senior Infants enjoyed their time at a teddy bears’ picnic today. They played ‘Duck, Duck, Teddy’ and ‘Teddy Tag’ when they had finished eating.

Junior Infants’ Aistear: April

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The Aistear theme for April and May is’ Habitats’.During April we looked at ‘The Sea’ and ‘Polar Lands’

At the Art Table the children painted paper plate fish and they made penguins.They also made sea creatures out of playdough .

In the Home Corner they enjoyed ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ and they explored ‘Polar Regions’.

The children used the Water Table frequently this month as it became the ocean for many types of sea creatures and then The Arctic Ocean.

In Construction the children worked in their groups as a team to design and make an igloo and a snowmobile.

The children built igloos using small blocks and they played with models of polar animals in small world.

There was a huge amount of learning in this topic and the children really enjoyed both themes.


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