This month’s Aistear theme is ‘Christmas’. The children are making Christmas Cards, candle holders and Nativity pictures at the Art Table. They are building Santa’s sleigh in the Construction Corner and taking turns to play the part of Santa, Santa’s elf, a reindeer and Mrs.Claus. They also built ‘Teddy Town’ where Teddy Santa delivered gifts to all the other teddies. In the Home Corner the children worked as Christmas elves in ‘Santa’s Workshop’, designing and building toys. They then showed their creations to the class in ‘Show and Tell’ where their classmates paid them compliments and asked them questions. The children made Santa’s sleigh from Mobilo in Small World and they created Christmas items from playdoughat the Sensory Table. The stories we are focusing on this month are ‘Stickman’, ‘The Gruffalo’s Child’ and ‘Santa on the Naughty Step’.