November 2020

It has taken some time to settle back to school. A very strange school too. It amazes me how well the children adjust to new protocols. They accept all rules and carry on. The children have told us they do not want to return to home schooling. This can be seen in the way they approve of all changes and smile.

We have a one-way system for entering and leaving the school. The car park is closed. The breaks and lunches are staggered. The classes are not allowed to mix. We have pods and bubbles – A new language. Even the staff have two separate staffrooms to avoid crossover!

Assemblies, which were weekly, have been curtailed as we cannot mix. A class will take a theme each month instead and display pictures related to this theme facing outwards on their windows. Each teacher will be given a lesson related to the theme to teach their class. They can then walk around the building to see the display. Birthdays are announced over the intercom once a month.

PE and GAA take place outside in their individual bubbles. The children are delighted to see Aaron (Oreo) each week as they have missed him and the work he does. Steve, from the GAA, is a great addition and works really well with the children, taking no nonsense which they respect.

Naomi continues to come on a Thursday and uses the hall which is well ventilated with windows open. It is one of the highlights for the week.

We look forward to Halloween where we are trying to make this a fun time for the children. So far we have been limited on what can be done as a whole school.

I hope you enjoy some of the artwork displayed here.