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Senior Infants’ Aistear, February


This month’s Aistear theme is ‘Showtime’.  They have been learning about the circus, Chinese New Year, carnivals and fairgrounds.

In the Home Corner the  children have been in role as performers and the audience at ‘The Circus’, they were wait staff, chefs and customers in ‘The Chinese Restaurant’ and they played a variety of games at ‘The Fairground’..

At the Art Table the children made paper plate clowns, Chinese fans and lanterns and carnival masks.

In Small World they put on puppet shows and played in the circus tent, built Lego circuses, created Chinese floats for the Chinese New Year festival and made a funfair out of Lego.

In the Construction Corner they built a dragon and fairgound rides.

We linked these topics with the following stories in English: ‘The Singing Mermaid’, ‘The Great Race’ and ‘Dogger’.

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Aistear: Junior Infants October

This month our theme was ‘Fairytales and Fantasy’.

In the Construction Corner  the Junior Infants worked together as a team to build a pirate ship  then they had an adventure in their ship. The children also build a castle and re-enacted the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.

In Small World the children created an island and pirate ships from lego.They built the Three Bears Cottage using lego and blocks. The children also used’ The Happy Architect’ boards to build the setting of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and re-tell the story.

At the Sensory Table the children explored a desert island and played with toy pirates. They used playdough  to make models on ‘ The Three Bears’ playdough mats. Each child planted a broad bean seed and learned about what plants need to grow.

At the Art Table each child created an island treasure map during ‘Pirate Week’ and they drew what they would like to find in a treasure chest. They made a clay bowl for one of the three bears and also made a clay hedgehog as we were continuing with our discussions on autumn and hibernation. The children made paper plate pumpkins and a picture of the witch on her broom for Hallowe’en.

In the Home Corner the children took on the ropes of the 3 bears and Goldilocks and played in The Three Bears Cottage. In our Hallowe’en week the children were in role as wizards and witches creating potions in ‘The Potion Lab’. They certainly had great fun at this activity.

The stories we focused on this month were: Cats ahoy; Jack and the Beanstalk; Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Room on the Broom.

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Fourth class on TV!

Wow- fourth class were on TV today, talking about Team Hope’s Christmas boxes campaign. Well done to our wonderful students, we are proud of you!

September Aistear, Junior Infants

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Junior Infants were learning about ‘The Farm’ this September in Aistear. They learned about the many different jobs a farmer has to do, how most of the food we eat comes from the farm and what produce the different farm animals and crops provide us with.

In the Home Corner the children took on many roles. They were farmers in ‘The Farmyard’; vets , secretaries or nurses in ‘The Veterinary Surgery’ and customers and shopkeepers in ‘The Farm Shop’.

In Small World the children built tractors from Mobilo; made lego farms and played with the animals in the wooden farmyard.

At the Art Table the children painted a scarecrow face and made hats out of a variety of fabrics. They also made paper plate farm animals and created ‘Junk Art’ tractors.

In the Construction Corner the children built a tractor in which they played. They created play dough farms and ploughed fields at the Sand Table.

As it is now Autumn we also discussed the many signs and seasonal changes of Autumn .We made our own Autumn trees by tearing paper and cutting out leaves.

The children focused on many stories this month.’The Pig in the Pond’; ‘The Little Red Hen’; ‘The Three Little Pigs;’ ‘Farmer Duck’; and  ‘What the Ladybird Heard.’


September/October Aistear:Senior Infants

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September and October’s Aistear theme is ‘Holidays’. We learned  about preparing and packing  for holidays, different types of holidays, where Ireland is on the map of the world, weather conditions travel and transport and what we do on holidays.

In the Home Corner the children played in role as workers and holiday makers in ‘The Travel Agency’, ‘The Airport’, ‘The Ice-cream Parlour, ‘The Zoo’ and ‘The Hotel’. They also made ‘weather-testing machines’, did weather experiments and told the weather forecast in ‘The Weather Station’.

At the Art Table the children made weather charts, clothes for teddies who were out in a variety of weather conditions, passports, beach scenes,  animals from ‘Dear Zoo’  and different modes of transport from junk art.

The children made items from playdough to do with the seaside and travel and transport. At the Sand Table they played on the beach and at the Water Table they played at the pool.

In the Construction Corner the children built a campsite, an aeroplane, a cruise ship and many other modes of transport. They played in these when they had finished buiding them.

In Small World the children built a campsite, an airport,  a zoo, a fairground and a beach from Lego. The made modes of transport from Mobilo.

Thanks to Dave Caffrey (Rhy’s dad) who came in to talk to us about his job with Aer Lingus. We loved having him as a guest speaker and we learnt a lot. Thank you for all the toy planes too!

Leinster interpro hockey

Congratulations to our past pupils, Ben Hickmott, who represented Leinster this weekend at under 16 level, bagging a number of goals……

…..and to David Cole, coaching the Leinster under 18 boys, who won the interpro tournament. We are proud of you guys!

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