February 2022

It has been very quiet in schools this year. There is only so much we are allowed to do as we try to keep everyone social distanced and safe from Covid. The teachers continue to keep spirits up in the classes and the children appear to be happy with their friends.

It has been very difficult with staffing and absenteeism amongst the children. Every other family appear to be isolating as they await PCR tests or isolate as close contacts. This has disturbed teaching and the teachers find it very difficult to work on with the curriculum without leaving children behind and also needing to reteach subjects to ensure they are all learning. We juggle staff and subs as best we can. The school, and schools in general, appear to be held together with sticky tape! The answer?? I have none – so we keep our heads up, hand sanitise, spray, clean, disinfect and manage as best we can.

Junior and Senior Infants had a music workshop with Naomi, our amazing Music teacher. They were taken separately and had a great time with percussion instruments and singing outside.

We continue to meet outside with our coats on for services. Each class remains in its bubble.

6th Class managed to have a pizza party outside! I’ve never seen so many individual pizzas delivered at once. Great excitement!!

Mrs Senior