April 2022

We have been very busy in the school. Dale Treadwell came to visit three classes and teach the children about the environment around them. It was very entertaining and educational.

4th Class went for a walk of the locality to see different historical points of Shankill. They thoroughly enjoyed this ending with Hot Chocolate and ice creams which went down very well. Many thanks to Shirley Coulter for her work on this.

The PTA made pancakes for everyone which raised everyone’s spirits especially the staff! We were spoiled with choice of toppings too. Many thanks to them for their time and efforts.

We held a Dress Up day for World Book Day. Children and staff dressed in their favourite characters. There was enormous variety and was also great fun.

5th Class took a visit to Rathmichael Church. Rev. Sean met with them and they learned much about the various items and areas in the church.

Some of the restrictions have been lifted in the schools. As such we were able to do a bit more buddying between the classes. I attach some lovely pictures of older children reading younger children stories.

It’s so lovely to be able to do so many things. It’s beginning to be a bit more normal. Thank goodness!