October 2021

We are back to school for a month now. Things are calm but very busy. The children are delighted to be back in school and run in with happy faces every morning.

The Lunch Bag is a new initiative which has been very positive with the parents. An app on the phone allows parents to choose from a large menu and lunches are delivered to the school at a very low cost to the parent. The food is fresh and in good condition when it arrives. Thursdays and Fridays are particularly popular amongst the children and the staff! We are monitoring its progress.

Homework has changed also in Rathmichael. No longer do we set written homework. The emphasis is being put on Learning work. This does involve writing for Mental Maths and spelling workbooks. Project work will be given occasionally. More time needs to be given to the learning aspect of education. This is a trial and we will review this in the New Year. We have found that written work is the least beneficial aspect of homework.

4th Class went to the beach and worked on relevant worksheets whilst there. It was a lovely trip out in the open air.

Midterm approaches and the weather is definitely changing. The heating is starting to come on and the winter clothes appearing. It’s all good.

Caroline Senior